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With our vast knowledge and 24/7 dispatch capabilities, GLHH has the skills to transport your urgent shipments in a safe and timely manner to assure your job stays on schedule.

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Fleet Options

We offer flatbeds, stepdecks, lowboys, stretch trailers, steerables, Forklift, RGN and other specialty trailers.


Oversized load escorting & Height poles services
Pre-trip route planning
Years of experience using ship lines to transport equipment across Lake Michigan


Heated, fully secured warehousing available
We can assist with most types of loads transfers

Tractor Fleet & Power ONLY

Standard 3 Axle and Heavy Duty 4 Axle Tractors Available


20 Standard Flatbeds with open decks and Retractable Curtains and Side Kits (98" to100" Inside Height, 102" Wide)
9 Step Deck Trailers 48' to 53' Long with open decks and Retractable Curtains (Curtain Inside clearance 97" Top Deck / 117" Lower)
3 Hydraulic Tail and Sliding Axle Step Deck Trailers
Van Trailers up to 53 feet
4 Multi - Axle Curtain Side and Open Flatbed Trailers (Up to 8 Axle / All 102" Wide)
6 Lowboys with 18" of deck height. / Up to 36' Deck Length
1 Stretch Step Deck 90,000 capacity 66' bottom deck 31" loaded height
3 Stretch Lowboys up to 51'6" in well with up to 120,000 lbs capacity Steerable dolly systems for excessive long loads
1 Double Drop Curtain Side Trailers. 33' of lower deck length at 11' 6" tall
3 Lowboy with 120,000 lbs of capacity 36' of deck length with up to 11 axle configuration
3 Detachable Trailers with Capacity from 120,000 to 160,000 lbs concentrated in 10 feet
2 Multiple axle trailers with 60 ton and 80 ton capacity beam trailers Lowered boom trough to handle the large excavator booms
1 - 85 ton 13 axle trailers